Montana Magic Photography

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About Montana Magic Photography

Montana Magic Photography is nestled in the Bitterroot Range of the Rocky Mountains in western Montana.   With four defined seasons, clear mountain rivers, and wildlife at our back door, this is truly a photographer's paradise!  

                                   Discover the Magic of Montana! © 


Montana Magic specializes in photographic note cards and is a member of "Made in Montana".  Services also include high school senior photos, pet portraits, and dog & horse shows and events.  

My photos have been published in Montana Magazine; Montana Outdoors; Rural Montana Magazine; Grit Magazine; The Missoulian (Missoula's home town newspaper); We Proceeded On (magazine of the Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation); Lewis & Clark in the Rockies official program of the Bicentennial Festival; Interactions, magazine of The Delta Society; Great Dane Gazette, and numerous publications and newsletters of local and nationwide non profit organizations.  I have provided the photograph for Travelers' Rest State Park's souvenir postcard; and I am one of the official photographers for the Missoula City Cemetery's annual "Stories and Stones" historical re-enactment.    



High school seniors - need yearbook photos?  Sitting fee is only $40/hour (one hour minimum), and several very  affordable custom photo packages available, starting at only $39.95.  


Pet owners - Dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, snakes... whether they  run, crawl, slither or fly, let Montana Magic Photography help you capture your best friend's personality in a professional portrait! 

How about a Pet Photo Party??  See Rate and Services page for more information.


Events - Montana Magic Photography is available for dog shows and horse shows and events.   Have a different event you would like photographed?  Just ask!  See Rates and Services page for more information.


Publishers - looking for specific photos to illustrate books, magazines, stories or other publications?  Check my publishers' page for location information, and check the Publishers' Portfolio for photo samples! 


If you’re thinking of putting your camera away for the winter - don’t!  It’s one of the best times to get out and shoot photos. Cameras are far more tolerant of the cold than they used to be, and especially if you live in the northern latitudes where there is snow and ice, winter offers an entirely different perspective on the world around you.


In many areas up north, we often get “hoar frost”.  Simply put, hoar frost is caused by fog combined with freezing temperatures. According to, “with more moisture in the air, the interlocking crystal patterns of frost become more intricate and much larger, building up to a greater depth on tree branches, signs, fences, anything. This is hoarfrost.”


This frost clings to anything and everything: trees, blades of grass, wire fences - anything exposed to the air is a target. Anytime I can, I head out with my camera in the dead of winter, to get photos of hoar frost.


This photo was taken along the river near my house. It was taken on a whim, with no special results expected. But as often happens, the photo I expected to be a “throw away”: ended up being my favorite of the day.


So now that winter is here, bundle yourself up, grab your camera, and start shooting - the results can be amazing!